What is the Blue Economy? Idriss ABERKANE – WikiStage ESCP Europe Studio

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What is the Blue Economy?

A world without waste… Is this really possible? Idriss Aberkane will explain us what are the solutions. /// 

An imaginary universe would mean the absence of waste. However, we all know this is humanly impossible. Still, nature has its ways into showing us how to change this fact.
We can make waste meaningful and turn it into something beautiful solely by imitating nature in our entrepreneurship and by considering any waste as potential food.///
“Imagine that the next time when you wanted to see waste you had to take your kids to the museum…”
“What if we used our nuclear waste to feed mushrooms? It turns out this is possible.”
“Any waste is potential food and this idea of systematically consider waste as potential food is called blue economy and believe me, it’s a game changer of 21st century.”


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